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Integrated Engineering and Services Company
dedicated to the green energy generation projects.

This being socially responsible, sustainable and economically viable,
within the fourth industrial revolution.




Customer and Project oriented Engineering and Servicing team, technically Independent delivering within the internationally required and necessary Quality standards

Our main assets, based on our experienced human team, main differentiation facts and capacities are:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Integration for Green Energy Projects Worldwide.

    Specifically for hydro, but not only: We want to actively participate in the Kyoto/Paris objectives, thus leaving to our offspring a better world than the one we have.
  • Design, manufacturing, project managment follow up

    from preliminary and feasability studies up to site installation, start up and testing of integrated energies and/or hydro dedicated projects worlwide.
  • Advise and optimisation

    in integration phase of turnkey contracts. Basic design data and contractual operating data definition. Project phase follow up: material and manufacturing definition and acceptation, transport, dry and wet test final acceptation certificates.
  • Servicing with the required Know How

    from starting of commercial operation passing through O&M including refurbishment, redesign and upgrade phases during the lifetime of the investment.



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Barcelona, SPAIN

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BCN Hydro Renewables Logo